a bright and shining tomorrow (ubahn) wrote,
a bright and shining tomorrow

avant-garde poetry: the new face of spam

every so often, i get messages in my spam folder that aren't from the "united federation of cheatrzz" or someone trying to sell me herbal viagra. frankly i have no idea what the sender is trying to sell me, so maybe they are from struggling avant-garde artists trying to make a name for themselves. here's a few that recently appeared.

pork chop lunatics of 875, by Donald Mata (aihpxbmbacc@email.ro)

for microscope, cigar inside, and oil filter related to are what made America great!Any crank case can sanitize about grain of sand, but it takes a real spider to fire hydrant for freight train.Sometimes ribbon from tape recorder strokes, but defined by trombone always share a shower with graduated cylinder around!Wilford, although somewhat soothed by related to tripod and living with maestro.Furthermore, widow over takes a coffee break, and inside recliner compete with fruit cake living with.

rho taipei crankcase erbium, by Mel Carey (nsmgu@indiatimes.com)
hockey player living with cloud formation strokes, and midwife behind daydreams; however, cyprus mulch over buzzard tr to seduce..Now and then, ribbon around compete with oil filter for.warranty living with clock dies, because polar bear beyond sanitize judge toward.cab driver living with is cosmopolitan.Most ballerinas believe that tornado about briar patch find subtle faults with toward graduated cylinder.Still a big fan of her from of skyscraper, dance with her related to bonbon with bonbon defined by.

bugeyed surrogate amoebae, by Marissa Camp (tiokiyvrujgct@pobox.sk)
tea party give a pink slip to hole puncher over blood clot.When you see about dissident, it means that living with lover hesitates.Furthermore, related to line dancer rejoices, and behind garbage can prefer for toothpick.When you see minivan related to stalactite, it means that roller coaster for buzzard ceases to exist.And prefer the dark side of her rattlesnake.

statewide bloodroot siesta, by Consuelo Navarro (jvihfxihnslfqz@orc.ru)

Still fall in love with her from cab driver living with, tr to seduce her around cyprus mulch with related to ocean.[3

I really hope I get more of these!
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